Please enter your initials and note it . To save your monogram to your computer, use the ‘Save Monogram’ button.

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The first monogram uses the Times New Roman font. This classic font looks amazing branded into the leather, and when asked for our recommendation, this is the font we highly recommend. Monogram #1 can be any number of characters. 3 - 4 character names or initials looks best. i.e., JOHN

The second monogram uses the Arial font. There are no character limitations. The recommended size is 1 cm high.

The third monogram option uses the Papyrus font. This is the personalization option to use if you want a vintage, ancient style. There are no character limitations.

The Circle monogram must be three letters. Also, we highly recommend testing your 3 letter combination before making this selection as some characters look a little strange. Also, make sure to let us the exact letter you want in the middle. The recommended size is 1".

The Plus Sign monogram requires two letters.

The Anchor monogram is a super popular personalization request. This option requires two letters.

The script font used in #7 is called Lavanderia. Like monogram #4, customers are definitely recommended to test this option before selecting it. Some of the letters in this font have long dramatic tails, etc.

Monogram #8 is designed for 3 characters with dots in-between. If you only want to have two letters with one dot in-between, or 4 letters, etc. we can make this adjustment. The monogram maker program just lets you test 3 letter combinations.

Monogram #9 is the classic middle letter bigger than the other letters option. Again, please make sure to clearly state which letter you want to go in the middle. We will not assume it's your surname, you must tell us how you want it on your personalized wallet.

Monogram #10 is a single letter monogram. We can manually make it for 2 or 3 letters, but overall, we think it does look best as a single letter monogram.

Monogram #11 is a two-character monogram divided by the line. For gift recipients without a middle name, this is a prevalent option.

Our last monogram a single letter enclosed by brackets. The monogram maker only lets you test single letter monograms, but if you want more letters, we can manually make this monogram for you. i.e. { bob }


These are the 12 default monograms we offer to be personalized onto the wallets.

You are not restricted to just these twelve options. Customers are free to submit their own designs and/or contact us to discuss other options.

We also allow customers to pick their own font, just so long as the font is free for us to download. is an excellent website to find thousands of free fonts.

Logos, quote, poems, dates, coordinates, etc. are all requests we quite often receive and fulfill.

Monogram option #1


Quite often, we get asked for our opinion.

Which monogram looks the best?

Of course, deciding on the 'best' is entirely up to the customer's preference. But if you truly want our opinion, you can't go wrong with monogram #1. 

Look at the pictured wallets. The letters are crystal clear and very easy to read. 

Quite often when buying a personalized gift, customers might make the mistake of over thinking the font selection.

The circle monogram is very popular, but please take our advice.

Use the monogram maker and test out your 3 letter monogram to make sure it looks good. Some letters look strange when bent into a circle. 

Circle Monogram (#4)


Without a doubt, we love when customers bring us their ideas for a new unique design. Adding the American flag to the front of bifold wallets or money clip wallets started as a request from one of our customers.

Like the idea of adding your state to your wallet? Go here, to see all the States we have to offer.


So what is the magic we use to get these wallets looking so cool? We probably shouldn't share our secrets, but since you've read the article this far, we'll reward you with the answer.

Once a customer submits their request to use, we print off the monogram and send it to our metalsmith.

The metalsmith creates a metal template, the 'brand.' Very similar to the same process a rancher would follow when branding their cattle.

We take the newer crafted brand, heat it up to extreme temperatures and burn it into the leather.

It is essential to purchase a personalized wallet from a vendor that genuinely brands the leather. A quicker technique that doesn't provide the same quality or value is to use a hydraulic press and to stamp the leather.

Stamping an imprint into leather won't last. You need the monogram to be burnt into the leather leaving a permanent scar.


We also have an assortment of images (below on the right) customers have requested over the years. These are the default monograms for the covers of our passport covers and notebooks, but you can also ask for them to be branded onto other wallets.


Crafting beautiful wedding gifts is something we take pride in. Adding a custom wedding monogram to a handmade leather wallet is an exceptionally wise gift idea that you can be proud to give. Your guests will truly appreciate them.

We are very open to making your wedding day a special one. Please feel free to contact us, and we can work with you to craft your very own unique wedding monogram. Email us!